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Senior Pastors

Martin & Dora Jensen

Drs. Martin and Dora Jensen are the senior pastors of Narrow Way Ministries Jacksonville.  Brother Martin was saved at the age of 18 while in his first year at college.  Not long after, the Lord spoke to him that He was separating him for a life of the ministry.  After college, upon the direction of the Holy Spirit, Martin moved to Jacksonville, Florida to sit under the Word of God, in order to lay a deep foundation in his life.  He began sitting under Dr. Samuel Greene and the other men and women of God at Narrow Way Ministries.  God was building in him a revelation of being a servant, a disciple of Jesus, a true son of the ministry, and growing in intimacy with the Lord.  After years of dedicating his life to those ends, Jesus set him and his wife in as the pastors of the church they have faithfully served under.  Brother Martin’s passion is to faithfully carry the inheritance laid in his life of sound doctrine, revelation of the coming of the Lord, intimacy with the Lord, and serving God’s people in order to bring them into all God has called them to be: to be the bride of Christ, bearing His image and glory all over the earth.  He was ordained under Narrow Way Ministries in 2003, has a doctorate in theology from Cornerstone Bible College, as well as a doctorate from Narrow Way Bible College.  He has also pastored a church in North Carolina with his wife.  He and his wife have two children, David and Hannah.

Dora Jensen was born and raised in Miskolc, Hungary.  While finishing her degree in political science, she decided to travel to America to complete her research for her dissertation and learn to speak English fluently.  Her travels took her to Jacksonville, Florida.  While in Jacksonville, Martin invited her to come to Narrow Way Ministries one Sunday morning.  She had never been through the doors of a church in her life, since most of her childhood was when the Hungarian nation was under communism.  During the worship, she felt the chains of her heart break open and Jesus supernaturally save her.  It was a truly divine appointment.  She later received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and was water baptized.  A year later, she and Martin were married.  Since then, she has followed the vision of sitting under the Word of God and receiving a strong foundation in the Scriptures.  She has received a doctorate from Narrow Way Bible College and now faithfully stands alongside her husband to pastor the precious people of Jacksonville.

Pastors of Narrow Way Ministries Jacksonville, FL | Non-Denominational Spirit-Filled Church

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