Narrow way Youth

Meet our youth pastors.

Will & Dana Bridges

Will and Dana Bridges actually met at Narrow Way Ministries while both were serving the Lord individually. Will served his country as a US Marine, completing two tours in Iraq. Upon completion of his duty in the military, Will returned to his home in Jacksonville, FL. After searching for peace in many things outside of himself, he found healing for his mind and soul miraculously during his first time attending Narrow Way, as the glory of God met him in such a powerful way. He has faithfully been sitting under the Word of God at the Bible College ever since.

Dana met Brother Sam Greene and Pastor Martin Jensen in North Carolina when she was a senior in high school. She attended his church there and moved to Florida one year after Brother Sam did to continue sitting under this ministry. She has assisted in the youth ministry off and on since moving to FL and has traveled outside the country to serve in sister ministries as well. Dana also has attended the Bible College since its formation.

Will and Dana both have degrees from Narrow Way Bible College, but understand there is no end to learning the things of God as they continue to sit under the Word. Will has a calling and gift to teach the Word of God. Dana’s calling is to lead people into the intimate presence of God through worship. They have a heart for the youth of Narrow Way Ministries and believe this upcoming generation will perform greater works and serve God in a greater capacity than we’ve seen before.

Youth meeting

First and third Fridays of the month @ 7:30 pm

"For thou art my hope, O Lord God: thou art my trust from my youth."

Psalm 71:5